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Connect the positive power s upply lead of the external device to the V sup pin. National Instruments NI 9426 Operating Instructions Manual (21 pages) National Instruments Digital Input Module Operating Instructions And Specification Sheet Brand: National Instruments | Category: Network Card | Size: 0.26 MB Page 6 Connecting the NI 9426 The NI 9426 has a 37-pin DSUB connector that provides connections for 32 simultaneously-sampled digital input channels. Figure 1. NI 9426 Pin Assignments NI 9426 Operating Instructions and Specifications DI16 DI17 DI18 DI19 DI20 DI21 DI22 Page 7. An example of a sinking-output device is an open collector NPN. 24 V, 32-Channel (Sinking Input), 7 µs C Series Digital Module —The NI‑9425 works with industrial logic levels and signals to connect directly to a wide array of industrial switches, transducers, and devices.

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Legal Information Privacy Policy Contact Shop Info & FAQ. English • NI 9214 (16 channel thermocouple - high accuracy) • NI 9217 (4 channel 100 Ohm RTD) • NI 9425 (32 channel 24V digital input sinking) • NI 9426 (32 channel 24V digital input sourcing) • NI 9219 (4 channel universal module for voltage, current, resistance, digital input, and … 9426 24 V 32 37-pin D-Sub 7 µs Sourcing digital inp ut Application and Technology High-performance digital output and switching modul es for NI CompactDAQ systems, CompactRIO embedded systems, and R Series expansion chassis pr ovide extended voltage ranges and high-current- 2020-12-21 1x NI cDAQ-9188 CompactDAQ 8-Slot Ethernet Chassis; 1x NI 9426 32-Channel, 24 V, 7 µs Sourcing Digital Input Module; 2x NI 9213 16-Channel Thermocouple Input Module; 2x NI 9205 32-Ch ±200 mV to ±10 V, 16-Bit, 250 kS/s Analog Input Module; Sensors: There are … DATASHEET NI 9437 8-Channel, 250 V Sinking Digital Input Module The NI 9437 is an 8-channel, 1 µs sinking digital input module for NI CompactDAQ and NI CompactRIO chassis and controllers. The NI 9437 is compatible with 24 V to 250 V signals and features a ratiometric threshold that automatically adjusts to 2/3 of the supply voltage. This NI 9423 12, 24 V Sinking Input 8 1 µs 250 Vrms Ch-Earth Screw Terminal NI 9425 12, 24 V Sinking Input 32 7 µs 60 VDC Ch-Earth 37-Pin D-SUB NI 9426 24 V Sourcing Input 32 7 µs 60 VDC Ch-Earth 37-Pin D-SUB NI 9435 250 VDC/VAC Sinking/Sourcing Input 4 3 ms 250 Vrms Ch-Earth Screw Terminal Application and Technology NI C Series Overview The NI 9421 is an 8-channel, 100 µs sinking digital input module for any NI CompactDAQ or CompactRIO chassis. Each channel is compatible with 24 V signals and features transient overvoltage protection of 2,300 Vrms between the input channels and earth ground.

Ni 9426 datasheet

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Ni 9426 datasheet

37-Pin D-SUB. NI 9426.

990. 9472. 9483.
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200000 1125000. 10 Köp 780030-01 — Ni — DIGITAL MODULE, COMPACTDAQ/RIO SYSTEM. Farnell erbjuder snabba 9426 C Series.

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It uses an industry-standard 37-pin D-SUB connector for low-cost cabling to a wide variety of 37-pin accessories from NI and other vendors. Categories. Baby & children Computers & electronics Entertainment & hobby Fashion & style the NI 9426.

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Pogo ugrás Rang Feltétel NI 9426 - Data Sheet - National Instruments | Manualzz; hajvágás Engage Hajléktalan Building a  Infinix Hot 6 Android smartphone. Announced 2018.

3. 3,5. 4 NI Circuit Design Suite,